Live Longer & Better – How to Optimize Your Health in 2016

Everyone in America has to find a way to feel better and live longer in the new age. There are healthcare companies like ChenMed who are helping people get the care they need, and that care is coming in many different forms. The best healthcare companies are providing lots of services all under the same […]

Study Anticipates the Growth for Pest Control Services

Their study found that this potential growth is due to an increased need for pest control services on a global level and a surge in health related concerns in connection to pests.

The Benefits of Family-Owned Health Care

This is just one example of when family-centered medical health care can be a blessing for folks who may need a little extra specialized attention and care.

Why Recycling Polystyrene Foam is the Future

New York had their foam ban overturned and other cities contemplating a ban, like a Mississippi foam ban, have abandoned efforts to follow through as recycling polystyrene is a viable option that should be pursued.

Signs You Need to Visit the Dermatologist

Americans spend billions each year on their skin. Whether it is over-the-counter acne treatments or the latest wrinkle cream, we want to do everything we can to look our best. There are times when over-the-counter treatments are not enough. The following are signs that you should seek help from a professional dermatologist. Abnormal Moles: A […]

Breathing Life in Low-Income Communities with Effective Financial Programs

One of the most innovative proposals was the establishment of the Certified Capital Company. CAPCO was founded to give the financial services industry an opportunity to provide financial support for designated communities that have high unemployment rates. The ultimate goal of CAPCO is to strengthen impoverished communities by creating high-paying jobs. The CAPCO initiative is accomplished with funding programs and tax credits for small businesses that establish offices and facilities in designated zones.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals Is Close To Obtaining FDA Approval On The First Drug Available For Women Suffering HSDD

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) met jointly with the Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Drugs Advisory Committee and also the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee to decide with an eighteen to six vote that Sprouts Pharmaceuticals ADDYI meets approval of FDA guidelines with their Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) for women in premenopausal.

The Foundation of JenCare Medical Centers

In the year 2014 Dr. Jenling James Chen had 27 JenCare Medical Centers located all over the United States, with plans of expansion in 2015. Every physician hired by JenCare is highly qualified and filled full of empathy for any patients walking through JenCare’s doors.