May 2015 Posts

The Foundation of JenCare Medical Centers

In the year 2004 Dr. Jenling James Chen was diagnosed with cancer. As anyone would, Dr. Chen learned to cope with the fact that his life was sadly going to be cut short. Chen’s physician had informed him that only two more precious months remained in Chen’s life. But this was not in Chen’s agenda. Against all odds he won his horrifying battle with cancer and after the struggle of ongoing treatments was over for Dr. Chen, he decided to set his main focus on helping others who feel just as hopeless as he had. With him and his son’s unstoppable motivation and knowledge of the medical field, Chen founded JenCare Medical Center. A place where he would help the elderly and their family to fight their seemingly hopeless battles with their medical condition and placing hope into their lives once again.

In the medical field the key to success in making patients happy is giving them empathy towards their situation. Dr. Jenling James Chen has made it clear to all individuals that his main goal with JenCare is to make his patients feel equal, and to feel like life has more planned for them than just medical treatments. When entering a JenCare facility a patient will feel at home and be given a chance to discuss their day and how they are feeling about their diagnosis before any treatment takes place. For a patient, being able to have this moment of time is critical in their treatment process. It helps to relieve anxiety and frustration, which is exactly what Dr. Chen has been striving for. Just for his patients to be understood and given a second chance at life.

In the year 2014 Dr. Jenling James Chen had 27 JenCare Medical Centers located all over the United States, with plans of expansion in 2015. Every physician hired by JenCare is highly qualified and filled full of empathy for any patients walking through JenCare’s doors. What sets JenCare aside from other facilities is that patients are given a substantially longer visit to give physicians the opportunity to get to know their patients. This allows them to really understand the hardships taking place because of their medical diagnosis. As the CEO of JenCare, Chris Chen, Dr. Jenling’s son focuses on making sure that all employees are holding up to the high expectations of his father and giving JenCare the reputation it deserves.