February 2016 Posts

Superior Healthcare for Elderly Patients

Healthcare needs of the elderly grow each day, and technology has caught up with the pace to help provide the elderly with proper care. JenCare believes technology has the capacity to help our older adults to achieve healthier and more independent life. More and advanced medical home monitoring devices have hit the market, offering better alternatives and helping the elderly to maintain their health conditions. Managing the healthcare of seniors will not only keep them independent and healthy for long, but will also help to keep their healthcare costs low, and probably prevent traumatic occurrences.


Telecare uses a phone to deliver services to those in need at the right times. This is a service that is connected with nearby professionals, who can be reached through calls for urgent issues that the elderly person faces. According to telecare researchers, the technology has recorded a 30% improvement in healthcare management for the seniors in less than one year and the trends are appealing. These figures can be compared to those who chose to receive healthcare services traditionally without the involvement of the technology. Researchers recorded a 36% decline in the physician treated group compared to telecare patients. Researchers are now looking for ways telecare can be incorporated in the treatment of pain in different ways that can be effective and affordable to many.

Home blood pressure monitoring

With the introduction of pressure monitoring kits, seniors are now able to test their blood pressures at home. They can record the results for later submission and monitoring that will help to reveal ways the person can be treated if suffering from any disease. This has proved to save time and to allow the seniors to have better healthcare. It is also cost effective as you are not required to pay for appointments to see a doctor very often.

Lark bracelet

This is a gadget that has been designed by the Apple Inc., which is meant to monitor all your daily activity. The device operates by monitoring your sleep quality, exercise, foods taken and any other activities that impact your health. The data collected from the Lark device can then be used to make health decisions that will help the user to improve on certain areas. The machine is also able to know about the weather patterns, so it is able to send communication regarding what to do during certain weather conditions to help keep fit and healthy.