3 Great Places to Work in Virginia

If you are someone who has just recently moved to Virginia or are looking for a new gig and live in the state, you may have been considering which companies offer the best opportunities for your career. Factors such as job fulfillment, minimal stress, good pay and healthy work dynamics encourage workers to stay in companies that offer great opportunities like these. So here’s a few great places to work in the great state of Virginia for you to check out!

1. ADS Inc.

A company based in Virginia Beach, VA, ADS Inc. is a global enterprise providing operational equipment and procurement solutions for first responders, federal agencies and the US military. Their ultimate mission is to provide for those who protect and defend the country with the best equipment in order to ensure their safety as well as those they serve. ADS has been known as a great place to work with, because the company gives their employees just the right amount of challenge to improve themselves, and they also offer a great atmosphere. ADS Inc. values their employees very highly, as they give awards, sponsor events, and provides incentives for their employees who do a great job. ADS Inc. also values the military and their families, veterans, military spouses, and other similar individuals are more than welcome to inquire and apply.

2. NuWave Solutions LLC

Located in McLean, Virginia, NuWave Solutions is a technology company that specializes in Business Intelligence and Analytics. They also offer Data Warehousing, software development and other related services. They provide these solutions for the public sector and other intelligence-related agencies. Most user feedback report of good work-life balance, employee perks and interesting work environment that help workers become satisfied with their occupations.

3. Navy Federal Credit Union

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Navy Federal Credit Union is considered one of the world’s largest credit union for military servicemen and their dependents. Their company is a member-owned cooperative, which is mostly controlled by those who avail of their services. This company offers a notable retirement program, an incentive pay program, as well as employee development programs. Navy Federal Credit Union also offers jobs good flexibility of hours, such as telecommute or compressed work weeks.

Whether you are moving to the Mid-Atlantic, or planning to find a job, there are many good opportunities waiting for you from these top 3 companies. Make sure to build an outstanding resume, ask for more information, and consider all the pros and cons and you’re on your way to a fulfilling career.