Business Offices and Health

Business Offices and Health

These days, business offices are becoming more and more focused on the health of their employees. Not only do healthy workers have better attendance, but they are more productive as well. By eliminating unhealthy risks and concentrating on promoting good health, business offices are creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Keeping Workers Healthy
There are a number of ways that business offices are promoting better health for their employees:

  • Encouraging Good Hygiene:Business offices that encourage simple things like hand washing, clean clothing, and other good hygiene practices are seeing much healthier employees. Since bathrooms are often the biggest culprit of viruses and germs, placing signs near doorways that remind employees to wash up before returning to work has become a very common practice.
  • Providing Fitness Opportunities: Many business offices are providing workers with onsite fitness facilities or memberships to the local gym in order to promote better health and fitness.
  • Providing Access to Health Professionals: A number of business offices are discovering that by encouraging workers to seek professional help when illnesses and other health issues arise, they are nipping health problems in the bud, resulting in healthier workers overall
  • Allowing More Sick Leave: By allowing workers to take off from work when they are ill, employers are not only enabling their employees to heal, but they are preventing other employees from becoming exposed to viruses as well.
  • Promoting Wellness Programs: Wellness programs are becoming more and more popular in business offices. Wellness programs encourage testing and the proper treatment of ailments so that employees can remain working or return to work much more quickly.

Areas of Exposure
While business offices are focusing on maintaining a healthier workforce, it is important for employees to consider the risks that they may encounter as well. In general, people tend to be exposed to health risks in:

  • Bathrooms: Most workplace viruses are transmitted from bathrooms in one way or another. Whether a worker comes in contact with germs and viruses while using the toilet, simply touching the doorknob, or shaking hands with someone who did not properly wash their hands after exposure, bathrooms are germ carrying villains.
  • Enclosed Areas: Areas that are used to host large numbers of people aren’t just hosts to the invited guests. Enclosed areas like meeting rooms tend to harbor a variety of germs as well.
  • Locations where workers are Exposed to Needles and Bodily Fluids: Even if worker are not continuously exposed to needles used for medications and blood draws, the risk remains. Simply coming into contact with a device that has been contaminated can be a costly encounter.

What Might You be Getting Exposed to?

  • Influenza:
  • Common Colds:
  • Hepatitus:
  • Tuburculosis:

In situations where employees health is at risk, prevention is certainly the key. Employers are concentrating their efforts on such things as:

  • Educating Employees: Teaching workers to help themselves stay healthy is well worth the time and investment.
  • Encouraging Treatment: Encouraging workers to seek help can prevent more serious illnesses later.
  • Promoting Testing: Enabling workers to have easy access to testing facilities and supplies can greatly reduce the risk of major health issues in the long term.