FDA Bans Dangerous Trans Fats in 2018

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed a ban on synthetically produced trans fats. The process of hydrogenation is used in the production of these fats that are now labeled dangerous. The FDA has given food manufacturers three years to find substitutes for these now dangerous food products, as advised under former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

For decades many people considered all fats as dangerous and their consumption would add pounds to the body and damage to the internal organs. Vegetarians who consumed dairy and egg products received limited fat intake, while Vegans only received healthy fats from vegetables. While many advocates of vegetarianism were popular during the second half of the 20th Century, the doctors and the AMA stood opposed. One doctor, Dr. Atkins revolutionized diet programs with his heavy in fat and zero carbohydrate diet, which became popular. Proponents were proving the good effects of the diet. But most on the diet regained much if not all the weight that they had lost while dieting when they stopped the diet.

Another dietary system has proven to be effective, that advocating organic fruits and vegetable and not using any of the packaged food products popular today. These proponents had it right by avoiding the now dangerous hydrogenated trans fats used to give packaged foods a longer shelf life.

Americans are dangerously overweight. Some risk early death, dementia, heart disease and stroke. It is a common concept held by many consumers that whatever is produced in food factories here in America is not dangerous, but the FDA actions have proven this attitude as dangerous to a person’s mindset and to their overall health as well. The latest and perhaps best method of eating correctly and healthily is to use only organically grown fruits and vegetables, limit milk and meat and avoid all packaged food products. This diet has now been proven valid by the findings of the Food and Drug Administration.