How to Keep Employees Healthy & Happy With Proven Solutions

How to Keep Employees Healthy & Happy With Proven Solutions

In this day and age when productivity is linked to an employee’s health and well-being, the actions taken by many employers to keep their valued workers in tip top health is remarkable, states a doctor commenting online. In fact, there are many businesses today that are offering workers a mental and physical lift by allowing them more time during their lunch break to exercise. For instance, there are numerous testimonials online from employees praising their boss for giving them an extra 30 minutes or more each day to “just unwind and do something healthy.”

Another aspect of businesses that have adopted ways and means to improve the healthy atmosphere at work is linked to hard data that states a fit worker is a more productive and happy worker. There is also a movement going on today for employers to counsel their works to be healthy, and offer them benefits such as a raise in pay or paid vacation time for dropping weight.

Wellness in the workplace trending

While smaller business owners can easily motivate their valued employees to work out and take extra time off because they see them every day, there is a trend in larger organizations to hire a wellness coordinator to ensure that employees are aware of healthy lifestyles. For example, a longtime business wellness coordinator commented online about noting that repetitive injuries in the workplace were caused by those workers who were not paying “close enough attention to their mental and physical wellbeing.” In turn, the coordinator tracks the effectiveness of various health promotions in the work place to see if healthy employee milestones and goals are being met.

Fighting workplace germs

There is a lot of hard data that points to employees getting sick when the workplace environment is not healthy. For instance, a wellness coordinator noted that “people who stand or sit for long periods” experience higher stress levels. There is also more absenteeism due to workers who tend to sit at their desks for an entire workday without getting up to walk, stretch or to take a mental health break. “The idea is to keep the focus on healthy lifestyles,” said the coordinator.

Moreover, the coordinator noted that harmful germs tend to flourish in today’s busy workplace where dirty surfaces become a serious breeding ground for infections and other health related problems. For example, there are now policies in businesses with employee break rooms and bathrooms that these public places are to be cleaned and disinfected regularly with proper disinfecting cleaning products and processes.

Overall, there is a trend in today’s workplace on health for valued employees who need bosses and supervisors who promote healthy lifestyles for the good of all.