New To Flying Private? Here’s A Condensed Guide To Finding The Right Charter Company For You!

When chartering a private jet for business or leisure, there are a few trusted companies in the industry that offer various charter services available to you. Depending on the flexibility of your time, the number of passengers you plan to travel with, and the length of your trip, some companies may fit your needs more than others. Moreover, the private aircraft industry offers a wide array of options from fractional jet ownership (a more dated and expensive model), to on-demand jet charter, to jet cards, to hopping on empty leg flights (usually at a deep discount), to booking a single seat on a shared aircraft. We have compiled a comprehensive group of elite private aircraft charter companies around the world for you to find the right service and company that best fits your time, style, and needs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!

Dubbed the “uber of private jets,” XOJET is 
the first company to use a floating fleet. XOJET prides itself in being able to bring down the cost of flights for its clients. XOJET is one of the leading companies in the super-midsize jet market in North America. Their fleet consists of the sleek Cessna Citation Xs and the Bombardier Challenger 350s. You may see the likes of Hollywood megastar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, on one of XOJET’s aircraft!

Jet Linx
Jet Linx was launched in 1999 and runs mainly by jet cards. You have an option of buying a Club Card for $12,500 or an Executive Card for $17,500 annually. JetLinx also allows passengers to charter by the hour ranging from $3,400 to $8,300. A 48-hour booking notice is required, and the company provides car detailing to its members while they travel!

Was launched in 2013 by Sergey Petrossov and is one of the most cost effective and accommodating private jet services out there. With a $15,000 membership annual fee, you can take unlimited free flights. You can have the option to book a single seat on a previously scheduled charter (charter share) or book an empty-leg flight. JetSmarter boasts over 4,000 aircraft in all private jet categories. American rapper/businessman, Jay-Z is a shareholder in this company.

VistaJet was founded in 2004, and offers its members jet-card programs and on-demand charters. The VistaJet fleet consists of 70 ultra-long-range Bombardier Globals