Organizations that Assist with the Provision of Medical and Dental Supplies

At the root of every happy and healthy individual is the maintenance of dental and medical care. As human beings we are often mindful to ensure our dental and physical well-being are regularly monitored. However, we often overlook the important medical and dental supplies have in the provision of adequate dental and medical services. A physician or/and dentist cannot provide services without an efficient and available supply of appropriate tools. Thus, organizations that assist with providing medical and dental supplies are of utmost importance. The following are notable for providing dental and medical supplies.


World Dental Relief

World Dental Relief is a non-profit, relief organization that receives and distributes dental supplies. World Dental Relief is a global relief project serving over 80 countries. World Dental Relief often receives donations with short dates, samples, or discontinued supplies that can be used overseas. Dental supplies, manufactures, and wholesalers often are the main distributors of these supplies.


SourceAmerica provides dental and medical supplies services that have received the highest level quality inspection; SourceAmerica works to eliminate errors in the dental and medical supplies provided. The medical and dental supplies provided by SourceAmerica include first aid kits, custom medical kits, aircraft first aid kits, firefighter field packs, bandages and field dressings, feeding and other bags, cotton tip applicators, hand sanitizer, preventative dental kits, toothpaste, hearing protection items, and sunscreen.

SourceAmerica includes an internship as part of the company employment services. The internship, Pathways, is an 8-12 week paid internship that helps individuals with disabilities build a wide range of skills for varying work and job settings.

Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E.(Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment)originated in 1987. Within a few decades Project C.U.R.E. has become the largest supplier of medical supplies and now serves over 130 countries. A $1 donation to Project C.U.R.E. provides $20 of medical supplies.

The key to an overall healthy life is a consistent maintenance of dental and medical care, and the root to a productive dental and medical work environment is adequate dental and medical supplies. The organizations listed above are essential for a positive work flow in a medical and dental setting. Furthermore, these organizations are notable for the way in which they have worked to better the lives of individuals in need.