Performance products with ADS

Human Performance Supplies

As the ADS, Inc. celebrates their 20th anniversary they are reminded how serving top customers of the world has been their number one priority since the beginning. Before ADS started they were informed on how Navy Seals in their own faction had logistics and equipment needs that weren’t being met. Navy Seals knew that ADS could help and that’s when the wonders began. The innovation for the ADS team is known for challenging the existing condition and locating new ways to solve problems. They have top of the line equipment that will make your body exude successful results. They have battle ropes, medicine balls, foam rollers, treadmills, knee and ankle braces and back protection for lumbar support. These appliances mentioned are only some of the widespread stuff they have to offer. I want to get detailed into two of these intriguing appliances they have to fully understand what makes these stand out from others.

Whether you are in the Navy Seals, gym rat or just an older citizen that uses their back often the Bioskin Back Flex Tactical is something you will want to look at. This piece of art is used to absorb a lot of the stress you may place on your spine while carrying substantial loads. The Back Flex Tactical uses the mechanical edge to decrease the weight on the spinal discs. This can be used for therapy or rehabilitation and is great even for those with back pain and are just looking for an alternative relief instead of using these painkiller medications.

This next one will make you feel like you are doing bodywork training in one of the Navy Seals outpost. Beaverfit Functional Training Locker 20′ is a sort of all-in-one package. This is a 20 inch shipping container that supports multiple training modalities. This includes an external functional training rig. This Rig is anchored to the container with 24 outside pull-up stations, two 9 inch climbing wings and battle ropes. It also has attachments for performing dips, squats, and other exercise movements. All of this equipment can be customized to your liking.

This company has an amazing way of digging beneath the obvious surface, this is their key to success. Giving up is not an option for the ADS team which is makes them question behaviors and activities that runs in the center of their values. They will go beyond measures with their all-in-one attitude to make sure their customers are more than satisfied.