Stop the Anxiety of Placing Your Parents in a Healthcare Facility

It can be very hard to make the decision to put your parents in a nursing home, but JenCare provides effective solutions to nursing care options. Most clients want to ensure their family members’ needs are being met. Other facilities masquerade a variety of services that do not exist and your parents are often left unattended and feeling alone. Your golden tears can be a vulnerable time and older adults deserve the best healthcare can provide. There facility is adequately staffed to ensure your loved ones receive individualized care, exercise, and therapy services.

What Makes Their Healthcare Different From Other Facilities?

JenCare is backed by the mayor and will include a primary breakthrough in multi-care and delivery for Medicare eligible recipients. Two new centers will be innovative Neighborhood Medical Facilities. They are providing valuable medical services to over 5,000 older adults and bringing in over 70 new job opportunities. Their primary goal is extraordinary healthcare for seniors. They will focus on primary and preventative healthcare for older adults. An expansion in healthcare has tremendous benefits for your aging parents. JenCare takes a positive approach to senior healthcare related issues.

Services Include

  • One stop approach
  • Improve health outcome
  • Integrated approach to medicine
  • Inner city facilities
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Positive impact on the community
  • Specialized care

Their facility will offer a wide range of services geared towards improving the life and longevity of seniors with a positive outlook. Medical care providers and specialists will work side by side to improve the needs of the senior community in Chicago. Seniors will be able to walk up and receive treatment or get medical testing onsite. Affordable medication is also a top priority because so many older adults are struggling with the cost of healthcare. Positive healthcare can have an impact on the community.

Older adults need consistency in healthcare for noticeable improved healthcare outcomes. They have a healthcare model that should be mimicked around the world for the benefits of older adults. Communication between doctors, specialists, healthcare providers, and patients is the answer to the solution of inadequate care for seniors. The doctors and citizens are encouraged by the advanced medical treatment that is being made available. Their program is guaranteed to reduce the amount of hospital admission for senior adults. Their intensity will revolutionize healthcare programs.